What we do

Project management: designing and realizing
innovative architectural environments

and analysis

Our main goal is to design and create innovative architectural settings which are at the same time exceptionally functional, able to guarantee the utmost workability to the group of people working in such settings.

Designing and analysis


Our trait, the one which stands out most, is the attention we pay to construction details and finishes.

That is why people choose us.

Complete realization

Post sales

Our professionalism sets us apart as even small maintenance work is always available and prompt. This is what we believe in: “a fundamental characteristic for guaranteeing excellent post sales service”.

Post sales service

F.G.R. is able to manage a comprehensive service in collaboration with companies associated with it and part of the same group. It specifically sees to the sectors regarding:

  • Global contract solutions
  • False ceilings: of functional, decorative, insulating, protective, integrative nature
  • Solid and glass indoor partitions
  • Outdoor cladding and ventilated facades with panelling manufactured with different types of material
  • Metal cladding
  • Plasterboard creations
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Raised access flooring
  • Soundproofing treatments, architectural acoustics, acoustic conditioning of large environments (mixed-use buildings, gyms, theatres, work environments)
  • Signs
The technical office is equipped with modern IT systems for research and the processing of drawings; it is able to competently develop the projects proposed in the various sectors it operates in.

Special care is given in carrying out the project. The workers are specialized, trained and use efficient and modern equipment (tracking and control systems of evenness with laser appliances, scaffolding and motorized platforms).
Some of our creations
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ZI Creative

ZI Creative, personalized panel walls:
single glass walls, solid compound walls, wall units, integrated systems.

Zi creative starts with the dream to turn wall partitioning of space into a tangible emotion. See over space – it represents the desire to listen, to open toward the concept of uniqueness. Product, finish and detail personalization transform a wall: from an absolute gesture to a creative feat.

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